GoogleSites Preso at GTAdmin @lthumann

Picture not taken at GTAdmin on 03/05/2010
Image Source: CribSheet created by Google and CUE
Due to a phone call that came in, I had to step out during the GoogleSites Preso at the Google Teacher Academy for Administrators for significant part of this presentation–by Lisa Thumann–on Google’s wiki solution, Sites. It was also when I had a chance to connect with Kern Kelley and get his insights.
Fortunately, I left my digital audio recorder on when I stepped out and it’s been fun listening to the presentation. Lisa’s presentation materials appear online, and here is her slidedeck:
Some exemplary classroom sites that Lisa highlights:
Some professional learning sites she highlights:
A lot of districts and schools are investing in wiki providers like WikiSpaces and PBWorks…but if you adopt GoogleApps for Education, the Sites wiki setup comes with…for free. Some have pointed out that Sites isn’t as robust as PBWorks, but then, Sites is an integrated solution. 
Thanks to Lisa for a nice intro to Google Sites (I did show up in time for the hands-on part!)

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