Transferring Books to #iPad 2 @jrlallo

Joseph Lallo’s series comes in 3 books…I can already recommend the free first book!
Wondering how to easily transfer books to your iPad without iTunes? One of my primary objections to Apple devices is how they “lock” you into their products. While the use of such products–iTunes is one example–by computer neophytes limits their level of frustration (and, those of you struggling with Ubuntu’s forced use of Unity desktop, you know the feeling, too), it is a pain for those a bit more tech-savvy.

So, as I embark on a multi-week exploration of the iPad, since I’ve been devouring books non-stop since I picked up the original Barnes and Noble Nook, I thought I’d throw some of the books I’m planning to read. The two titles include Joseph Lallo’s The Book of Deacon (which is an engaging tale that had me reading from the moment I downloaded it from Smashwords for free, although it’s also a free title you can get via Amazon for your Kindle) and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World (available through for free).
Lallo’s The Book of Deacon (BTW, catch Joseph Lallo on Twitter at @jrlallo and Facebook) is obviously a teaser, the first in a series. You get the first one free but pay for the other two at wonderfully low prices. Based on what I’ve read so far, only about 40 pages, I’ve already decided to invest in the other two books!
The problem at hand, though, is how to get this wonderful content–whether Lallo’s or Doyle’s–onto an iPad? One could use iTunes, but what if you don’t have your computer handy?
One approach–although not the only one, I’m sure–is to upload both books to a cloud storage area, such as or, then access that cloud storage area from the iPad. 
Having signed up during’s 50 gig giveaway via a mobile device, and already overcrowded on my account where I share workshop/conference handouts with the world (I probably need to switch that over to, I uploaded the two files and then accessed them on the iPad.
BTW, pressing Sleep/Wake and HOME buttons simultaneously will take a screenshot. Sigh, too bad
I’m not that coordinated! 🙂
In the top right-hand corner of the window after I downloaded the content, there’s a button you can tap on that will allow you to select “OPEN IN…” (or PRINT) and then shows you various possibilities. On mine, it shows the following:
  • iBooks
  • Stanza
  • Evernote
  • Dropbox
Obviously, the first two choices are the best. That’s pretty much the process. Of course, I was hoping for a process as easy as loading books on Nook and Kindle…just copy them onto the device via the USB cable.
Aside from iTunes, how would you have gotten your ePub book onto your iPad2 ? Here’s another approach–using BlueFire Reader–to try.

Update: Allanah King shares this perspective in the comments:

I found it easy to just upload the ePub we had made using Pages or Word and put it on a wiki that the kids have easy access to. When you click on it it asks you what do you want to open it with- I choose iBooks and it sweetly goes there! 

There are a lot of wikis available that will allow you anywhere from 10 to 100 megs of space. I still favor putting ePubs on Dropbox or for easy sharing, but I wonder if there are any limits…however, if you’re sharing student-created ePubs, then hosting them on cloud storage, and linking to them from a wiki/blog should alleviate the wiki storage space limitations. Of course, if you’re hosting your own wiki solution, then space may not be an issue at all!

In the meantime, I’m off to read The Book of Deacon in anticipation of the 2nd book in the series, The Great Convergence:

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Disclaimer: No ePubs had their DRM stripped or injured during the making of this blog entry.

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One thought on “Transferring Books to #iPad 2 @jrlallo

  1. Allanah King December 17, 2011 at 6:32 am Reply

    I found it easy to just upload the ePub we had made using Pages or Word and put it on a wiki that the kids have easy access to. When you click on it it asks you what do you want to open it with- I choose iBooks and it sweetly goes there!

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