The Classroom Teacher’s Technology Survival Guide

The Classroom Teacher’s Technology Survival Guide,descCd-buy.html

A comprehensive guide for integrating educational technology in the K-12 classroomThis is a must-have resource for all K-12 teachers and administrators who want to really make the best use of available technologies. Written by Doug Johnson, an expert in educational technology, The Classroom Teacher’s Technology Survival Guide is replete with practical tips teachers can easily use to engage their students and make their classrooms places where both students and teachers will enjoy learning.

  • Covers the most up-to-date technologies and how they can best be used in the classroom
  • Includes advice on upgrading time-tested educational strategies using technology
  • Talks about managing “disruptive technologies” in the classroom
  • Includes a wealth of illustrative examples, helpful suggestions, and practical tips

This timely book provides a commonsense approach to choosing and using educational technology to enhance learning.

The Classroom Teacher’s Survival Guide to Technology is the book I’ve always wanted to write, but Doug Johnson did it first and did it better. It’s a clearly written, funny, common sense, yet absolutely comprehensive book for the everyday teacher. It offers a wealth of practical advice for using technology in the classroom and developing a personal plan to improving professional practices. Doug’s book is a must-read for any teacher who’s the slightest bit white knuckle about teaching and using technology in the digital age. Ian Jukes, Director, 21st Century Fluency Project
Doug Johnson’s latest book, The Classroom Teacher’s Survival Guide to Technology, is required reading for all educators.  Appropriate for any experience level, the book is a comprehensive field guide to effective teaching with technology.  Ric Wiltse, Executive Director, Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL)
It is no surprise that “The Classroom Teacher’s Survival Guide to Technology” reads with the easy to understand sage advice of this seasoned veteran.  In Garrison Keeler style comfort, Doug takes the reader on a building spiral of more sophisticated learning, peppered with humorous and down-home bits of wisdom honed from decades of diligence and success. Readers can use the book for personal learning, a book study, or to be more informed as a participant in a school or district technology leadership committee. Experienced or future educational technology directors or CTO’s can gather insights in how to work with the educators in their district on their continued journey to maximize effective technology enhanced strategies, along with some inspiring anecdotes. Gordon K. Dahlby, PhD, Educational Technology Advisor/Consultant Leadership in Policy,  Planning and Practice

Let Doug Johnson, an educator’s educator,  be your guide-on-the-side to make the most effective, most efficient use of technology in your classroom—whatever your grade level, whatever your subject.  David Chojnacki, Executive Director, Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools
Re-title this book—The Book of Wisdom: A balanced guide to classroom technology integration by folksy, easy to read, veteran educator, Doug Johnson. Miguel Guhlin
Few educators can offer more practical advice on navigating the challenges and embracing the opportunities of the world of technology we live and learn in today. And even fewer deliver that advice in such an engaging, witty style. This is an important, enjoyable book for anyone interested in improving classrooms and schools for our kids. Will Richardson
Teachers, IT Directors, and integrators will benefit from the practical, high-impact ideas Doug shares in his book. His blog has been a mainstay of my PLN since day 1Vicki Davis, author – Cool Cat Teacher(tm) blog, co-founder Flat Classroom(r) projects. 
The Classroom Teacher’s Technology Survival Guide will empower every classroom teacher to use technology in a meaningful way to support teaching and learning. Filled with practical overviews of the “big picture”, as well as specifics on the use of technology for real-life classroom applications, Doug uses his years of experience to guide the classroom teacher to an understanding of how technology best fits in the classroom. A must for every teacher’s bookshelf! Kathy Schrock, Educational Technologist
With so much written about technology in schools and so little of it that is both practicl and thoughtful, The Classroom Teacher’s Technology Survival Guide splendidly meets thos often-ignored standards. Thank you, Doug Johnson. Larry Cuban, Professor Emeritus of Education, Stanford University
Doug’s trademark humor and humility will help any teacher – whether novice or expert – navigate the difficult terrain of classroom technology integration. This is a great resource for a building-wide book study. Dr. Scott McLeod, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership, and Founding Director, CASTLE, University of Kentucky
Mashing handy checklists, practical wisdom, deep experience, and a refreshingly honest dose of skepticism, Doug Johnson coaches even the most reluctant teachers and administrators to plan a move from basic to meaningful to transofrmational use of new and emerging technologies. Joyce Kasman Valenza, PhD, Teacher-Librarian at Springfield (PA) Township HS Library, author, and technology advocate.

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  1. doug0077 February 29, 2012 at 12:01 pm Reply

    Hi Miguel,Thanks so much for the post. I appreciate it. Check the dedication when you get your copy. I learn from folks like you everyday!Doug

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