Riding the FireHose – Managing Your Twitter Followers

Drinking from the fire hose – http://goo.gl/bNoPP
I’m not sure how it happened, but…ok, I’m following too many people on Twitter. In fact, so many that I can’t add any new folks! That happens when you reach 2,000 folks and, well, I’m at 4,488 but that’s after unsubscribing from 1000 folks! Since I kicked up my followers, I have been learning quite a bit! That is to say, “learning” means I’ve been drinking from the fire hose of tweets, and enjoying it.

That said, I unsubscribed from a 1000 people this evening, and I didn’t do it by clicking 1,000 times to accomplish it! The folks who were cut included those who weren’t following me back, who had been inactive for too long, and/or committed the crime of not updating their profile picture.
To accomplish that, I used ManageFlitter.com, which makes the job a whole lot easier. Below you can see the panel that you get after you go to http://manageflitter.com and enter your info.
You can unsubscribe from 1000 people per day…as you might imagine, I have a few more days of work ahead of me to remove twitter undesirables (e.g. the not followingback, those without a profile image, etc.).
Source: http://goo.gl/l7Enw
Ride the fire hose, not just drink from it! Give it a try! Pretty easy! 

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