#iPad Tower Defense Gaming (Ages 9 and Up) @jellyoasis @appsgonefree

The winning combination of Towers to Protect the Lich
(undoubtedly, protecting a lich is a drow elf plot to twist our perceptions of good and evil)

While you’ve been adding silly pictures to your Facebook page for a few hours, I’ve been spending an equivalent amount of time playing a new Tower Defense game, Lich Defense, which I picked up for free due to an announcement via the free app finder, AppsGoneFree. (By the way, if you’re reading this on 11/3/2012, the game is free right now, yes, as I write this! And, of course, AppsGoneFree is just awesome!).

Lich Defense is the first variety of tower defense game described below:

TD games usually come in two varieties. In one, creeps come down a predetermined path as you set up towers along the way to try to slow them down or destroy them. In the other, you can actually design your own path using the towers themselves to funnel the creeps. (Source)

If you haven’t played a tower defense game, you’re missing out on a pulse-pounding, strategy game where 1-person shooters are never found. In these games, it’s all about the towers, their placement and how quick you can upgrade them. On second thought, it’s all about the money!

I only had to play this particular level 5-6 times to finally overcome. Sheesh.

Some other Tower Defense Games for iPad:

Others I’d like to try:
Those free ones you should keep anyone from wasting time on Facebook! 😉

For those of you on Android, you may already be familiar with RoboDefense (My son’s indictment of the iPad–does it have RoboDefense?). Here’s a list of  Tower Defense Games on Android.

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