4 Steps to Installing Netflix on Linux–At Last!

Image Source: http://bit.ly/120oAlt

Unbelievable news–Netflix finally works on Linux! I’d whined about this several times, but now, Netflix works on Linux!

This stupendous video walks you through the commands on various 32-bit Linux distros:

Here are the commands for those of you using an ubuntu-based Linux distro. I use LubuntuLinux so here’s what the steps look like based on the video and my install on LubuntuLinux:

1. Add repository:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ehoover/compholio

2. Update list of apps available:

sudo apt-get update

3. Install Netflix:

sudo apt-get install netflix-desktop

(this step will run for about 3-5 minutes depending on your Internet connection and computer speed)

4. Go to Sound & Video (on LubuntuLinux) and choose Netflix-Desktop. You’ll be prompted to install additional software for WINE–Mono and Gecko–but those are easy:

Sure enough, it works great! With Netflix AND Steam on Linux, lots of opportunities for distraction!

Some tips for Steam on Linux (I’m running on LubuntuLinux):

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