Evernote Magic with @Powerbot, Clearly

Since I went Premium with Evernote–even though they haven’t added my top 5 desired features–I’ve been exploring it. Below are 3 tips for Evernote users that I’ve stumbled across, and I hope you’ll soon take advantage of if you’re not currently!

Powerbot for Gmail and/or Calendar

Tip #1 – Use Powerbot for Gmail (f.k.a. Everbot) to 
Achieve Gmail Evernote Integration

If you’ve forwarded emails to your Evernote email account, you know it’s possible to drop emails directly into a notebook by placing the @NotebookName in your email message’s subject line. However, Powerbot for Gmail adds some nice features they demonstrate in their tutorial, quoted below…

Now you have a couple new buttons in Gmail that allow you to quickly file a message or a whole thread to an Evernote notebook. Those buttons file not only the messages themselves but also all the attachments.
When you file messages to Evernote using Powerbot, you get to choose the title, notebook and tags for the resulting note, using our handy pop-up window. You can also add a comment and strip the attachments.
Another handy feature here: a relevant notebook is suggested by the system automatically based on the message content.

You can insert note and notebook links when composing a message or a reply. A small link (and not the body of a note) is inserted into the message, to make sure it doesn’t get cluttered.
Bear in mind that a notebook that you insert into a message becomes shared automatically.

After playing around with it, I’m already loving it. Powerbot is available for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

There is also a Powerbot for Google Calendars and that looks pretty awesome, too. Essentially, it creates notes entries in Evernote for calendar events. I’m impressed with this info-gathering Powerbot for Google Calendars does during setup:

While I probably won’t activate this for my personal gCalendars, I will for work! According to the tutorial for Powerbot for gCalendars, the following happens:

  • Whenever new events appear in watched calendars,Powerbot creates a corresponding note in your Evernote account.
  • The created note contains some basic information about the meeting and sections for agenda, notes, action items and materials. Basically, it’s a template to help you capture structured notes really easily.
  • All the content put in the Powerbot note is private by default but can be easily circulated to the invitees using the button near the participants list. 
  • After the meeting is over Powerbot adds links to all the other notes created during the meeting to the bottom of the note.
  • To make sure your account doesn’t get cluttered and things are easy to find, Powerbot puts their notes in two notebooks – for upcoming and for past meetings. And notes auto-migrate from one to the other.  

Simply awesome! Thanks to Lifehacker for pointing this out!

Evernote Clearly

Tip #2 – Use Clearly browser add-on to eliminate clutter when clipping web content selections to Evernote.

For example, it unclutters the web site below:

and makes it look like this: 

You can see the uncluttered view in the second image below.

Tip #3 – Take advantage of Pocket on iPad to “prepare” and share content Evernote 

I’ve already shared my new workflow on my iPad in this blog post.

I’m sure I have a lot more to learn about using Evernote. However, these 3 tips have already made managing and curating content via email, calendars and the web much easier! 

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