Creativity Terrifies Me

“A writer, writes.” When my children share how they are going to get rich writing, I say these words to them. It’s simple, to the point, and gets the message across. Writing isn’t a gentleman’s labor…it’s labor, especially these days, that involves constant work. Writing is the natural effluence of the writer’s effort to make sense of the world, to realize it in his mind’s eye and share that vision with others.

One thing that freaking terrifies me–creativity. Even when I can be creative in a safe space like this blog–hey, i’m writing for just myself–I’m terrified. The pressure is unbearable and the only response is to write something.

…the urgency is real. We have to create more art, create better art and build more substantial connections. (Source: Seth’s Blog)

When I read Seth Godin, I’m terrified. How the heck does he crank stuff out like this? What changes has he made in his life that enable him to write stuff that is pure gold?

You get where I’m coming from, right? I know you do because a lot of folks won’t even write 140 character tweet without checking for approval from their boss, craft a blog entry without running it through a spell-checker and having it reviewed by 3 of their best friends.

I suppose what terrifies me isn’t the act of creation but that my creation won’t reflect what I’m most capable of. I feel like Winona Ryder’s character in Little Women (I never read the book, just watched the movie) when the husband to be says to her, “What are you writing this for? You can do so much better!” Am I doing my best?

In the meantime, check out this inspiring movie from Seth’s Blog:

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I’m a failed writer. Adapted from

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