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Earlier today, TCEA 2014 Conference organizers emailed approvals for conference sessions. Shockingly, I found a few happy emails in my inbox. What a great opportunity to share ideas with others!

Over the last few years, I’ve taken a break from facilitating conference sessions…switching jobs, family concerns have slowed me down a bit (a good thing). However, I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share ideas that engage me. The long hiatus has given me the opportunity to gain distance and find my happy thought again. As such, how wonderful to share.

November, 2013

My TechForum 2013 Session Proposals

A colleague was kind enough to ask me to submit presentations to this November 7, 2013 event. I still remember when I told Judy Salpeter (organizer), “Hey, do you mind if I step back a bit to focus on work?” She was kind enough to let me off the hook. Who knew that when you stepped off the merry-go-round, YEARS would go by?!?

Topic #1: The Definitive App Smasher’s Guide
Description: Avoid succumbing to content app frenzy, instead center your use of iPads to create projects that allow for “app smashing.” In this session, learn how you can blend the creations from one or more apps into incredibly fun creations. Get a free copy of iBook, “The Definitive App Smasher’s Guide.”

Topic #2: CTO’s Role – Solving Problems Together
Description: What process do you go through to solve a problem? If it’s just you solving the problems, then you’re doing something wrong. Explore 7 tips to success and avoid common pitfalls.

Topic #3: CTO’s Role – 7 Tips for Doing First Things First
Description: “What will you do first?” It’s a question that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue, even if they don’t ask it (and they often do, whether during an interview or two seconds after you get there). One’s first temptation is to come into a new place and start changing everything, practicing slash-n-burn leadership. I know when I’ve started new jobs, when I come in, all I see is what’s missing. That can be dangerous because your Vision is obscuring your sight, what you really need to see and focus on–the people’s needs, wants, their vision.

Topic #4: Drinking from the Internet Firehose – Content Curation
Description:  What is content curation? It’s a way of managing the firehose of information slamming into use from every device we own, from computer to smart phone. This workshop will introduce you to some of the ways you can better manage a world of content, not just online but offline as well. If you are always trying to keep track of web sites, bookmarks, information, then this session will help you get a handle on it all! Of course, you may have a tiger by the tail!

Topic #5: Sitting Around the Virtual Fire: Sharing Campus Stories with Your iPad
Description: Are you an educator or school principal that has access to an iPad 3 or greater but not sure how to effectively use it with social media and podcasting tools to get your campus stories out to the Community? In this hands-on session, participants will explore how to create engaging podcasts through the use of various iPad apps.

Of course, I’m still waiting to find out if ANY of my TechForum submissions were accepted. Put a good word in for me, ok?

February, 2014
My TCEA 2014 Session Proposals

Topic #1: Build Your Own Virtual Classroom
Description: Moodle complexity have you down? Wish you could just use the low-hanging fruit of the web world–wikis, blogs, free discussion forums–to build a learning management system that’s open and accessible to everyone? Escape the walled garden and learn how to use open web tools.

Topic #2: Set Up Your Web Platform
Description: Want to setup a GNU/Linux server as a content management system for WordPress, Joomla or Drupal? Or, maybe a course management system like Moodle? Then this session will get you started on how to do that! Bring a laptop you have can completely wipe and load Linux on. Preferred device: PC Laptop or Mac laptop capable of running virtual environment (

Topic #3: Drinking from the Internet Firehose
Description: What is content curation? It’s a way of managing the firehose of information slamming into use from every device we own, from computer to smart phone. If you are always trying to keep track of web sites, bookmarks, information, then this session will help you get a handle on it all! Of course, you may have a tiger by the tail!

And, thanks to Diana Benner (@diben), I found out I will also be presenting on these topics at TCEA 2014:

Topic #1 – Creating Online PD That Works 

How do you create professional learning that captures the attention of your audience? Learn how your district can create your own “Professional Learning Center,” an online space where adult learners can participate in online learning opportunities. In preparation for the online journey, an online course template and tips will be shared.

Topic #2 – Writing Digitally 

Have you ever wondered how you can use a mobile device to enhance writing? Teachers now have an opportunity to digitize writing, thus eliminating the paper-chase, while also modeling appropriate use of

technology in the classroom. This session focuses on ways to create, share, and analyze writing content with a mobile device.

I’m happy to point out that not ONE of my OWN sessions included mention of the iPad, although we certainly have to plan for the different devices available! I am looking at sharing a lot of ideas related to Writing Digitally with the iPad, and Diana and I have begun planning a webinar series between now and TCEA 2014 to explore ideas!

We hope to have folks share how they are using iPads to impact writing, writing workshop in schools. If you are and would like to share, I hope you speak up!

Check out Miguel’s Workshop Materials online at

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