Downloading Flickr Sets on GNU/Linux

Looking to download your Flickr images on GNU/Linux? I was able to use this solution to download my images as sets (images were placed in folders). Per the blog author, Andrea Grandi:

I simply had no time to write an application by myself, so I started searching on Google to see if there was something available to do this simple task. At the beginning I only found abandoned tools (closed source, the API was expired ecc…), paid tools, Windows only tools ecc… but finally I found this post is a Python script that automatically downloads all your Flickr pictures getting the highest resolution available, you can download the script from here usage is very simple?

mkdir FlickrBackupFolder
python FlickrBackupFolder

A browser’s window will be opened and you’ll be prompted for authorization. After that, all you pictures will be downloaded.

Anyways, the next step is to setup a digital photo frame for family. Any recommendations?

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