#Chromebook Comparison Chart via @mlowak

“We’re thinking about getting Chromebooks for teachers,” a principal shared with me recently. Wow, how exciting, I thought…waiting for the next question.
“Which Chromebook should we get?” he asked.

From Left to Right: Some Guy, Marguerite Lowak (@mlowak), Some Gal, Some Other Guy
(Sorry to the rest of you)

When I spoke to my teammates, one of them, Marguerite Lowak (@mlowak) immediately started compiling information available and came up with the following Chromebook Comparison chart. What a thrill to see a great Chromebook Comparison like this…I immediately wanted to share the chart.

Thank you, Marguerite!

Want to interact with a copy of this chart? Here’s an interactive version open for editing.

By the way, be sure to follow +Marguerite Lowak on Google Plus, and Twitter (@mlowak) to let her know how much you love this chart!!

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