Improving on Greatness – A Few Suggestions for @Flipboard Developers @FlipboardJSP

If you’re not familiar with Flipboard, think of it as an easy way to organize content you create or find on the Web and put it all in “one place.” You’re the editor of your own magazine, and you–as well as other contributors–can choose what to place in that “ezine.”

What I like especially about Flipboard is that it’s accessible on multiple mobile devices. I read it on my Android phone, iPad, computer, and I can easily “flip” or add content to any magazine I’ve created from any device at any time.

As much as I am getting to like Flipboard, I have a few suggestions that would help it be more useful for end-users–in my opinion, of course–and I thought I’d get the ball rolling with improvement suggestions. I’ve been formulating these over time as I use Flipboard, and updating them–an original version of these suggestions appears in a previous blog entry–so that they reflect the latest and greatest possibilities for Flipboard!

Suggestions for @Flipboard

  1. Auto-populate the title into the tweet or G+ post. You can flip content into a magazine, and at the same time, post to Twitter/G+/Facebook. The only problem is, you either have to copy-n-paste the title or type something. The link usually goes in bald, by itself, with no description or title. 
  2. Allow Flipboard magazine editor (like me) to set a picture as part of the Flipboard screen. You can promote any entry to the cover, so I suppose you could embed content (pictures, etc) there. But it would be nice to have a thumbnail image that is specific to the magazine rather than the editor. That way, as an editor, each ezine I edit has a different thumbnail making it easy for readers to distinguish between them.
  3. Flipboard would allow me to set an “auto-post” to Twitter/Facebook so that after a certain number of flipped articles, my ezine would advertise itself. That way, I wouldn’t have to do it manually. When I created an ezine, I noticed it did make a recommendation to share after 10 flips, but…it would be nice for this to be automated.
  4. Make it possible to “flip” 1 content item into multiple Flipboard magazines, rather than just one at a time. There’s often stuff I’m curating I’d like to see appear for different audiences targeted by the Flipboard ezine created for them.
  5. You can embed Flipboard ezines in web pages, blog entries, GoogleSite wikis; read how here.
  6. Replace Flipboard’s search tool for new content with Zite’s. Since Flipboard is acquiring Zite, it would be great to see Zite’s content acquisition engine replace Flipboard’s. This isn’t a dig at Flipboard, but Zite’s content acquisition engine brings readers into contact with content I haven’t seen before, unlike Flipboard’s which just shows me results of searches. I don’t know how Zite does it, but they make it possible to see fresh stuff.
  7. Make it easy to transfer ownership of a magazine. Since I started all my ezines with Flipboard using my personal accounts, I realized after the fact that it would have been better to create with a work account. If I make my work account a contributor, I would also like to be able to transfer ownership from my personal account to my work account. Right now, I’m not sure of how to do that. I did ask about this and received this prompt response:

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