Curating Content with @Postachio and @Evernote

There are a multitude of content curation apps and tools available, as well as many others that make sharing via social media easy. However, there are only a few that will allow you to clip content from the web, save it into Evernote and then share it again.


Like many others, I like to read and explore content online. Clipping that content just to share it, though, isn’t as great a solution as clipping the content for the future. Evernote promises that it can facilitate content curation in a team. And it can, especially if you have a Premium account that allows others to add/edit content to a Notebook–even if they don’t have a Premium account, just a Free one. That aside, though, it’s a bit more difficult to just share content on the web in a blog entry and/or add an RSS feed.

The power of RSS–even though Google Reader killed off Google Reader–is that you can embed content shared via RSS in a variety of places and web sites. With the right recipe, you can re-share RSS content to a variety of outlets. makes sharing from Evernote easier. In fact, it’s the ONLY way of sharing out of Evernote in a way that provides an RSS feed.

For example, I started a new blog to clip leadership content into–Eye of a Leader ( It is based on content I clip and save to my Evernote Notebook, lead.

Here’s what that looks like in Evernote Web:

And, here’s what that looks like in my Eye of a Leader, blog:

The main benefit of the latter view, of course, is the RSS feed button in the top right hand corner.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Edit the INFO on your Evernote Note to remove the URL. You can always include it in the body of the Note itself, otherwise, your blog entry will only show the URL or link to the source web site:
  2. You can use any tag to “publish” your blog entry. For example, I use the tag “eye” rather than the stock “published” tag because it’s shorter. Whatever you decide on, modify that in the account settings of your blog.

  3. You can auto-tweet or auto-post to Facebook using; no need for an recipe if you don’t want one. Of course, make sure you have your settings right before turning that on in the account settings under SHARING. If you don’t, you’ll auto-post everything in your Evernote Notebook (assuming you have content in there already).
  4. You can setup multiple blogs using the same notebook in Evernote, but assign posts different tags. This is neat because it allows you to easily differentiate your audiences with one notebook and multiple tags. Again, just be sure to decide on easy to remember, short tags.
There’s a lot more to learn about Curating Content with and Evernote!

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