12 Tools for Productivity on Your #Chromebook and #iPad (Updated 11/2014)

Have you ever asked yourself, “Can I do that with this device?” It’s a lot of fun. For example, the iPad has become a bit of a boring tool for me, not because it’s hard to do things with it, but rather, because I feel like I’ve mapped out workflows for what I commonly do. Once you map out what you do normally, you start to ask yourself, “What else can I do?”

Some of the common tasks–and the quick solutions I use on each–I expect to be able to do include the following (I’ve indicated in parentheses the cost of each, if it’s not free):

  1. Email
  1. iPad: CloudMagic app (free and fantastic for iOS and Android!)
  2. Chromebook: CloudMagic chrome app
  • Web surfing
    1. iPad: Chrome, iCab ($1.99), Puffin (Flash friendly sites) browsers
    2. Chromebook: Chrome
  • Curating content with ReadItLater’s Pocket, Evernote and Postach.io
    1. iPad: Evernote, ReadItLater’s Pocket, EverClip2 (read my blog entry), Flipboard (read more)
    2. Chromebook: Evernote and their WebClipper, Clearly, ReadItLater’s Pocket
  • Blogging
    1. iPad: Posts, Blogger
    2. Chromebook: Blogger web site
  • Reading and Creating ebooks
    1. iPad: 
    1. Create: Book Creator ($4.99)
    2. Read: Readdle’s Documents, or Open in Nook
  • Chromebook:
    1. Create: 
    1. Create GoogleDoc, save as HTML/PDF then Convert using 2ePub OR
    2. Create text in markdown using Writebox, then load it into dotEPUB‘s Create
  • Read: Readium (read this article on creating with iPad and reading on Chromebook)
  • Creating presentations
    1. iPad: Keynote (easy to embed videos), Haiku Deck
    2. Chromebook: GoogleSlides, Haiku Deck web
  • Encrypting emails and files with AES-256 encryption
    (Note: this is for light privacy…i wouldn’t trust it for serious stuff, whatever that is)
    1. iPad: Encipher.It, oPenGP ($4.99), MiniKeepass 
    2. Chromebook: MiniLock for file encryption, Encipher.It. Safeguard your logins and passwords with Keepass.info and BrowsePass Chrome add-on
  • Virtual Private Network
    (If you don’t have a VPN for your WiFi devices, then you need to watch this or read this)
    1. iPad and Chromebook: Private Internet Access ($40 a year)
  • FTP/SFTP files to and from a web server, phone or location
    1. iPad: Readdle’s Documents
    2. Chromebook: sFTP Client ($2.99)
  • Audio Recording & Editing
    1. iPad: 
    1. Recording: Voice Record Pro, AudioNote ($4.99), Evernote (free)
    2. Editing: Hokasai (Free but requires in-app purchases to do anything worthwhile)
  • Chromebook: 
    1. Recording: MicNote (can record audio played aloud from Chromebook speakers…like AudioNote that allows you to take notes while you record! Free version records 2 mins but Pro version for $4.99 records for 2 hours with unlimited notes/recordings)
    2. Editing: Twisted Wave, Audiee
  • Video Creation and Editing
    1. iPad: Explain Everything ($2.99 works for iOS and Android), Pinnacle Studio ($13)
    2. Chromebook: WeVideo
  • Screencasting
    1. iPad: Reflector for your Mac/Windows computer and Quicktime for computer
    2. Chromebook: Screencastify (makes HTML5/webm files), TechSmith SnagIt (need extension and app; makes MP4s) 
    It’s pretty amazing when you consider what can be done on a Chromebook and how easy and flexible it is. What fun to revisit my favorite apps, as well as discover some on Chromebook or for Chrome browser, that can be used.
    Of course, there are some places where the iPad wins…but in a classroom, you’re not likely to be in an either/or situation. 
    BTW, My MiniLock ID is 

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