18 Ways to Perceive @Postachio Blog for @Evernote

Over the last few months, I’ve had the privilege to serve as Postach.io’s Chief Education Ambassador. Please allow me to publicly thank the Postach.io team, especially Caleb! It’s been a fun ride and I reserve the right to revisit Postach.io and Evernote as a great blogging combination. 

Unfortunately, time constraints and other responsibilities keep me from living up my ideal–making connections and collaborations between K-Adult learners and Postach.io possible through my creations.

So, as I step down as Chief Education Ambassador for Postach.io, please allow me to share some of my recent pieces in the PostachioEd series:

  1. Using @Postachio to Share Notes from a Writers’ Workshop

If you haven’t given Evernote.com and Postach.io a try, you’re missing out!

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