Power of Reflection and Tech: 3 Questions @drvcourt @misti227

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David Vaillancourt shares this perspective in his blog, tech-know, article, Why are you doing it?

Teaching becomes more focused and effective when we encourage students to be meta-cognitive and reflective about what they have achieved in relation to their intended goals. We should explicitly explain to students, “we’re doing this because… and we’re learning this because…”, otherwise any intended sense of relevance is lost. 

At the end of his blog post, he suggests a few questions to capture the idea of reflection:

  • What are [you] doing?
  • Why are you doing it?
  • What does this help you do that’s important?
As much as I like these questions as a way to foster reflection, one question that I would add is a question that makes connections between life and the task at hand. I often see this in regards to blogging. How does what I’m reading mean something in the context of my professional life?
When I reflect on Misti Smith’s discussion of incorporating technology into classroom, I see us asking different questions:
  1. How is technology enabling what you are doing?
  2. How has technology helped you gain a deeper understanding of why you are doing this?
  3. How can technology make doing what’s important a collaborative venture rather than a solitary one?

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