#TCEA15 The Changing Role of the Instructional Technologist (Audio) @dshudde

As I shared in a previous blog entry, discussing the role of Instructional Technologists these days is relevant as people lose their positions. I explore the role of Instructional Technologists in the future with Doug Shudde, Director of Instructional Technology for a large urban school district in San Antonio, Texas.
Some of the questions we explore in the raw audio linked below include:
  1. If you could reset the relationship between Curriculum and Instructional Technology for optimum success, how would you go about doing that?
  2. What challenges have campus instructional technologists faced over the years in blending technology into the curriculum?
As a follow-up, I had a conversation with Bill Lewis (Seguin ISD), we also discussed the issues of housing instructional technology staff at campuses. One of the challenges is that “place defines you.” This means that district instructional technologists being placed at a campus are subject to campus duties and tasks that distract from their true purpose–blending technology into the curriculum. It’s an important bit of wisdom to keep in mind.
My thanks to Doug and Bill for their thoughts.

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