MyNotes: Single Sign-On and Digital Textbooks #edtechcto (Update)

The following was a presentation given at the TxCTO Conference held on October 23, 2015. You may also want to review MyNotes from a conversation.

Single Sign-On via enboard


  1. Presenter: Ernie Stripling and enboard from encore technology solutions (view PDF overview)
  2. Find out more online at
  3. Presentation handouts: 
  4. The need for one logon, or single sign-on (SSO)
    1. Digital assets/textbooks
    2. one provider
    3. multiple apps
    4. multiple users
    5. multiple data files
  1. One logon methodology
    1. Enable all users to have secure, simplified access to all web resources from any location at any time from any device (HTML5 compatible)
    1. One user ID and password
    2. one authentication point
    3. One portal
    1. Resource access (email, Fileshares, Web applications)
    2. Digital Textbooks
    3. Student Information System, LMS, HR/ERP, etc.
    4. User Self Service (Ex. Password Recovery)
  2. Ever-changing and always on users
    1. adding, changing, moving, archiving, removing
    2. Multiple types of web resource requirements
    1. on-premise, hosted, cloud, etc.
    2. Multile authentication sourcesmultiple user accounts
    3. Digital assets
  3. Instruction requires normalized connectivity from various device from any location
  4. Process:
    1. Users have an identity in SIS or Payroll/HR system. This information is fed into a single sign-on portal
    2. The SSO is able combine it all and facilitate the process for the end user.
  5. Provisioning, enhanced authentication/SSO, identity verification system, and longevity, Sustainability, and Scalability.
  6. Reporting is built into the platform (who, where).

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