MyNotes – Training Your Staff to Be Educator Friendly #tceasysadmin

This session was facilitated at the TCEA system Admin

View this great slideshow!


  1. Lori Gracey – ; @lgracey
  2. View this great slideshow!
  3. Bad Tech Support – pictures
  4. What’s the point? – (click to read audience participation)
  5. What is the purpose of your IT staff?
  1. to close the most tickets?
  2. To ensure the network always runs smoothly?
  3. to make the learning environment better?
  4. to help students master the curriculum? This is the answer
  • What would your IT staff say is their purpose?
  • “Our business is not the technology we repair; it’s who we serve. We are in the people business.”
  • What are your customers’ needs?
    1. We’re not talking about IT needs.
    2. Top concerns of educators
    1. not enough time
    2. how to empower their students (or, for administrators, their staff)
    3. how to motivate students (or, for administrators, their staff)
    4. How to provide differentiated instruction
  • Top IT Concerns of Educators
    1. Not enough technology
    2. Internet is too slow
    3. Too many websites are blocked
    4. Repairs take too long
    5. I’m afraid my students know more about technology than I do.
  • Questions to Ask Yourself
    1. Does your tech staff know the goals of the district for educators and students?
    2. Does your tech staff know what teachers and admins worry about?
    3. How often do you encourage your IT staff to sit in on a class to see how the technology is being used by staff and students?
    4. Can your tech staff recommend Web 2.0 tools for teachers to use in a given situation?
  • Guiding Principles?
    1. Guiding principles set the course.
    2. If principles have not yet been identified, have staff discuss what precepts or employee promises should be in the org’s norm. Then clearly define what each principle means in terms of the jobs they do.
    3. Focus on customer service above all other priorities. Utilize customer feedback to develop strategic direction based in part upon desired new services and feedback on improving existing services.
    1. For the network, customer focused means that….
    2. For end user support, customer focused means…
  • Accessible and Reliable – Require reliability and accessibility from campus information tech systems and services. These values rely upon each other; you cannot jeopardize reliability for accessibility and vice versa.
  • What principles do your IT staff follow?
    1. Consider having the staff sign and date the principles and post in aprominent location
    2. Bring them up in meetings.
    3. Frequently discuss how the team is doing on meeting these guidelines.
  • Sample principles for TCEA – Create Amazement.
    1. Show up early and stay late.
    2. Respond faster than they expect.
    3. Address the customer by name.
    4. Just listen.
    5. Help the customer understand how our system works.
    6. Smile (even over the phone)
    7. Don’t do things half way.
    8. YOU be the expert.
    9. Take the extra step and give the customer more than expected.
    10. Own the problem and see it resolved completely.
    11. Always say “Thank You!” even if they have been mean, cruel, etc. to you.
    12. Follow up…send an email at the very least.
    13. If you don’t have something to do, ask to help someone else.
  • Check out Sylvia Martinez’ 10 Commandments –
  • Customer Service
    1. Make your people happy
    2. Give ’em the Pickle!
    1. Give away “pickles” make people happy – serving others is their #1 priority
  • Exceptional Customer Service –
  • What training do you provide regularly in customer service for your IT staff?
  • When and how often do they reflect on the level of services they are providing?
  • How are you keeping them updated to new educ uses of tech?
  • What training do you provide regularly in customer service for your IT staff?
  • After that…
    1. What can your IT staff do to go beyond repairing the tech and truly empower your users?
    2. Read
    1.  Ten Commandments of School Tech Support
    2.  +Sandy blog entry on Educators & Technical Staff Play Nice

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