Securing #Chromebooks Inexpensively #tecsig

Wondering how you might secure Chromebooks inexpensively in your classroom environment? As Chromebooks become more popular, securing them inexpensively becomes a higher priority, as this one Texas school district shared recently:

We are just getting started with a Chromebook deployment, and I am looking for lockable storage/charging cabinets that will hold at least 20 Chromebooks and allow them to charge overnight.  They don’t need wheels.  I just need a way to lock up and charge classroom sets of Chromebooks.  Do any of you have anything like this that you really like?  

One district shared that they make their own:

Other school districts included the following options:

  1. CDWG Laptop Cart – $695.25
  1. District Comment: “We love our carts and they are fairly inexpensive but sturdy. You have to order the surge protection separately, but access from the back of the cart is easy. We order them from CDWG. They hold 20 any type of device. They are compact.”
  • Lock-n-Charge Cart – Request a quote
    1. District Comment: “Best thing I’ve seen. I’ve purchased a variety of sizes and they are wonderful.”
  • Tripp-Lite – $1300
    1. District Comment: “Tripp-Lite has a product line a lockable charging stations.”

    Of course, for 20 Chromebooks, I wonder why not use a 6-device capacity Copernicus TechTub from Troxell?

    Copernicus’ Premium Tech Tub is easy to move around your facility, so it can go where you or your students go. Made of heat-resistant ABS plastic, it provides rugged yet lightweight storage with ventilation to keep devices cool. Holds up to six devices, depending on model (previous model only held five). Now supports more Chromebooks™ including the 11” models of the most popular brands – Dell, HP, Acer, Asus and Samsung. NEW Taller lid accommodates a wider range of Chromebooks™
    NEW Adjustable dividers to accommodate up to six devices and cases.
    NEW Cable management channel to keep cables organized, out of sight, and in-line with each device; Cable management for power strip cord (on back)
    Internal six-outlet power strip (previous model had external mounted power)
    Locking block and pin to lock tub to counters and tables
    Two padlocks with the same keys

    Troxell offers great pricing (one district reported $172) and well-worth it! That’s about $688 for 4 TechTubs, each holding 6 Chromebooks each…and we’re talking about popular 11-inch Chromebook models from Dell, etc.

    My contact at Troxell is Trenton Brackley ((800) 352-7912 x6304;

    What solution would you recommend?

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