Watching Video on Amazon Fire 5th gen

A colleague remarked in astonishment, “Miguel, you have an Amazon Fire?”
“Yes,” I replied surprised anyone would wonder at me having this or that device. Was the person saying, “Hey, what’s with you? Couldn’t afford an iPad?”
Or maybe, they said, “Wow, you sure are thrifty!”

Then, there’s the, “I can’t believe you’re using a demon-spawned Amazon DRM device that bombards you with evil content! How could you be supporting the Amazon leviathan that destroys freedom and liberty?”

In truth, I just don’t care anymore on some devices. I just want the darn thing to work. And, the Amazon Fire–did I mention I paid $34 dollars on Black Friday for this one?–delivers handily! For example, here’s a list of the apps that I’ve tried for video watching:

  • Time Warner Cable – Wow, TWC has done a great job with their apps! I miss Into the Badlands or Quantico or, The Walking Dead, I can watch it via this app!
  • Amazon Prime Video/Audio – Ok, you expect this to work on the Amazon Fire. It’s just hard to believe how well it works!
  • Netflix – So glad this works because I truly enjoy the content available via this venue.

So far, I haven’t tried sideloading video–although I have side-loaded ebooks, read this blog post for more info on how–but I probably won’t. There’s so much good stuff in those 3 outlets that I’m kept quite busy.

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One thought on “Watching Video on Amazon Fire 5th gen

  1. Jasleen Kaur December 17, 2015 at 6:01 am Reply

    Amazon fire 5th generation is an amazing device for watching videos, reading books and so on. Thank you!

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