4 Tips for Securing Your Cloud Storage via @diben

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Be sure to check out Diana Benner’s Sprinkle Innovation article, 4 Tips for Keeping Your Data Secure in the Cloud! Here is the lead from her article:

While presenting on Social Media in the Classroom, I ran into a former colleague. She mentioned a fantastic presentation she attended on Cyber Security in the Classroom. Our conversation soon drifted to a discussion about passwords and how secure our passwords really are, especially with the amount of data we are storing in the cloud. 

When you think about it, the amount of information we are storing in the cloud is growing every day. Most of us no longer use USB flash drives to carry our docs because it so easy just to store our information in the cloud. However, we hear about data breaches happening all the time, so how can we be sure our information is safe and secure out there?

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In her article, Diana mentions a few of my favorite tools, among them Secure Space Encryptor (SSE). Here’s my print tutorial and video!

  1. Three Steps to Encrypting/Decrypting
  2. View Video for Text Encrypt
  3. View Video for File/Folder Encryption

And, you may want to read my article, 5 Steps to Protect Your Data!

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