Collaborative Whiteboards for #iOS #Chromebook #iPad

Explain Everything Discover – Where You Can Share Your Whiteboard Creations

If you’ve been working on an iPad, you’re probably already familiar with digital whiteboard apps like Educreations, ShowMe, Doceri, JotMolaSync (recently featured by TCEA)and, of course, my favorite, Explain Everything. These apps make presenting for a real audience, online or face to face, or creating something for flipped classroom approach much easier.

The Explain Everything folks just made a great announcement, sharing a real-time collaborative whiteboard app for iOS, Android, and Chromebooks that connects over WiFi:

We have launched a new iOS collaborative whiteboard, updated the Android, Chrome, and Windows interactive whiteboard, and published a new web-based EE project portal called Explain Everything Discover.

Amazingly, the new app comes with a user community known as Explain Everything Discover (not unlike EduCreations), as well as a subscription plan for education and app.

Image Source: Explain Everything

Unfortunately, Explain Everything Collaborative Whiteboard isn’t available for U.S. yet (I know, I tried to get it!)…”Please note that the Collaborative Whiteboard is first being launched in a few countries: UK, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, China, Japan, Mexico, and Poland. The app will be available worldwide soon after.”

Sigh. In the meantime, why not try MolaSync?

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