Ready? Set…Vox!

In this blog entry, published at the TCEA blog, I explore 3 approaches to using Voxer. Those 3 approaches include the following:

Approach #1 – Enhancing Student Publishing
“The minute kids think their work will be published, they take greater pride in the result,” says editor Susan Meyer (read source). Apps like Voxer allow a teacher to quickly collect photos AND audio collections of student(s) reading their pieces. By going to the web version of Voxer, you can save pictures, video, and/or audio to Dropbox or to your computer.

Approach #2 – Tapping into Students’ Collaborative Potential
“Greater access to technology and computer-assisted learning can be effective in engaging English Language Learners’ (ELL) motivation, developing writing and editing skills,” said Dr. Roland Rios of Ft. Sam Houston ISD at the TCEA 2016 Convention and Exposition (Are you a member yet?), “and tapping into the collaborative potential [technology].” At our presentation, Dr. Roland Rios and I had the opportunity to introduce a roomful of TCEA members to Voxer. Participants learned Voxer, then recorded ideas for how to use Voxer in their teaching and learning situation.

Approach #3 – Participate in Peer Learning Chats
“When we view ‘sharing’ as something that both supports and pushes us to be better,” writes George Couros in Innovators’ Mindset, “the big winner will always be our students.” The quote came from a picture capture on a mobile device, and was then shared via the InnovatorsMindset Voxer Chat.
Ready to give Voxer a try? Join the TCEA Voxer Sandbox!

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