MS Classroom Video Walkthroughs #msftedu @microsoft_edu

Check out these videos for walkthroughs of how to use the virtual Microsoft Classroom environment, as well as different aspects of Classroom, including setting up integration with OneNote Class Notebook.

  1. Setup and explore the MS Classroom environment. In this quick 10-13 minute video, we explore MS Classroom and setup a classroom from scratch.
  2. MS Classroom Big Picture View. In this video, we explore MS Classroom and begin checking out different aspects of MS Classroom. We take a quick look at Assignments, Calendar, etc. We’ll begin exploring Class Notebook and how it interfaces with MS Classroom.
  3. MS Classroom and Setup of OneNote Class Notebook. Setting up OneNote Class Notebook. Continued exploration of MS Classroom, Conversation, File space, and more. We also discuss the different OneNotes that exist, including OneNote Online, OneNote 2016, and the free app, OneNote.
  4. MS Classroom and Connecting OneNote ClassNotebook. In this, we explore Class Notebook in more detail, how to connect your Class Notebook on OneNote 2016 to your MS Classroom Learning Management System (LMS) (as well as others). That way, when you record grades in Class Notebook, they are reflected in your MS Classroom Assignments area, and vice versa!
  5. Adjusting Grades in OneNote Class Notebook and seeing changes reflected in MS Classroom. When you adjust grades in one system, they are adjusted in the other. Isn’t that amazing?
  6. Exploring the Student View. In this exploration, you get to see what students see when interacting with MS Classroom, as well as creating documents for Assignments. In the video, you see both the teacher and student perspectives as a teacher reviews a student document saved in OneDrive, leaves a comment, then grades it when the students has reviewed it.

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