Navel Gazing: Top Blog Posts

It’s fun to dig around and see how one’s blog posts are doing. I don’t get to see stats for my day blog entries, even though that’s a huge motivator.  That’s probably what finally prompted me to start writing a bit more here at Around the Corner. It’s fun to stop and look at the stats (which appear below).

I take some time each weekend to crank out a few blog entries for Around the Corner. It’s great to write a week or two week’s worth of entries in spurts (usually, about an hour). What’s been kinda fun has been the “AL DíA” (or in English, “Daily News”) blog entries. These are so quick to crank out and let me skim my Inoreader blog collection (over 1000 blogs in there with a kazillion blog entries to read).

The writing feels only slightly different (ok, I don’t worry about mistakes as much). That’s probably because Blogger doesn’t have built-in Readability checking (who doesn’t hate passive voice?).

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That aside, here are how my most popular blog entries appeared this past month in November, 2017. Of course, I’ve had some entries that have been retweeted but they don’t appear here. I wish there was an easy way to track those….items in yellow are excerpts or backstories of the full length blog entries posted at TCEA TechNotes blog.

What’s kinda cool is being able to see how popular something is on my blog, then blending that in to a blog entry at TCEA. I have two upcoming STEM related blog entries coming out there that I’m dying to see folks engage in that I was able to crank out in a quarter of the time because I did so much research here. A blog publication schedules prevent my creativity to overwhelm readers.

How do you decide when to publish your blog entries?

Entry Pageviews

Nov 23, 2017, 1 comment


Nov 29, 2017, 1 comment


Nov 14, 2017


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