AL DíA: STEM Innovators VIP Breakfast

On January 5, 2018, there will be a STEM Innovators VIP Breakfast in San Antonio, Tx. If you are free, you may want to attend. Here’s the full text of the invitation:

I’d like to invite you to attend the STEM Innovators-in-Training Experience VIP Coffee & Conversation on January 5, 2018 from 8:00 – 9:30 am at Sunset Station, 1174 E. Commerce St., San Antonio, TX 78205. The VIP event aims to strengthen the STEM ecosystem in the region by bringing community members from all industry sectors together to share ideas and best practices to maximize our collective impact in helping students engage in, love and learn from STEM education opportunities. Time permitting, stay to observe the STEM Innovators-in-Training Experience in action.

Making the STEM ecosystem stronger certainly seems like a worthy goal. And, the event is FREE.

Register for this free event at “SAN ANTONIO” from the dropdown menu Don’t forget to invite colleagues, partners and friends that might be interested as well!

The event also supports students:

Join Ten80’s team of STEM professionals, regional leaders and professionals in a one-day version of the STEM Innovators-in-Training Challenge.

On event day, students attend workshops that focus on content & skills related to one of the three critical aspects of innovation: the engineering process, enterprise process and leadership.  They come back together to share lessons learned and to begin collaborating with one another in the challenges posed in each workshop. The challenges overlap so students will be stronger if they work together.

All students that attend the Experience are invited to continue working on their ideas through the Student Innovators-in-Training Challenge or Community Leadership Challenge.  Students earn prizes tailored to each challenge such as mentoring and/or cash awards to work on their ideas.

 Learn more here

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