My GoogleEDU and MicrosoftEDU Blog Entry Roundup

Over at TCEA TechNotes blog this year, I’ve written quite a few blog entries. Are any of you reading them?

My total blog entries at TCEA are at 232 (although that will change since I have a third part in my series on When Disaster Strikes pending review and scheduling for publication). I wrote 134 of those 232 during 2017. I had hoped to write 365, but webinars, F2F workshops kept me having fun in different ways. Oh well. That will be my 2018 New Year’s Resolution (prob not).

For fun, I thought I’d take a look back and list all the 2017 blog entries I’ve written relevant to Google and Microsoft.

Alas, it is a war replete with the sweet aroma of constant growth. Both Google and Microsoft distinguished themselves in adding new features in response to educator demand. Neither suite of tools is perfect, though some will argue the point.

Now, before you claim I’m partisan to one over the other, remember that I am both a Google Certified Trainer and a Microsoft Certified Master Trainer. As such, I get to see the best (and worst) of both ecosystems. Both Google and Microsoft are working hard to ensure school districts have the very best they can offer in tools and skills.

More important than the efforts of profit-earning organizations, are the communities of educators who work tirelessly to make all this technology usable in the classroom. I salute my fellow GCTs, MIEs, MIEEs, and others.

In the spirit of recapping my 2017 year, here is a list of all my TCEA blog entries that address Google and Microsoft. Ok, coming back to write this sentence after listing all the blog entries. Wow, I wrote 72 blog entries featuring Google and Microsoft. That’s a chunk of the total blog entries (134) that I wrote all year. That’s 54% of my blog entries were about Google and Microsoft.

Disclaimer: Hey, before you whip out a calculator, this is “evening math” at the end of a long work day. Some blog entries were counted twice since they featured both Google and Microsoft content. No big deal, but that means some of my percents may be off. Oh well. I don’t really care if I’m off a few points. I know, terrible attitude. Call me a curmudgeon.


In case you’re curious (I know I was), here’s the total count:

  •  Google: Regarding Google Suites for Education, I wrote 26 of the 50 Google-centric blog entries published at TCEA. That’s 19% of the total blog entries I wrote or roughly half of all blog entries written this year (134) that were included in the 2017 Google Blog Roundup.
  • Microsoft: For Microsoft, I wrote 46 total for the 2017 school year. That’s 34% of total blog entries written.

Ok, I’m not a math whiz. I hope I got the percentages right. Still, I’m amazed at the quantity and diversity of these. For example, I’d predict that my favorite Microsoft blog entries were about OneDrive, Minecraft, and OneNote. Yes, these three are my top favorite tools.

If I had time, I’d organize these for you more prettily, but for that, you’ll just have to visit the TCEA TechNotes blog and check out the 2017 Blog Roundup for Google and Microsoft. Those will be due out by the end of the year. In the meantime, I hope you find something interesting to read below. I can honestly say that my colleagues wrote better Google related blog entries than I.

Note: I’ve highlighted my favorite blog entries. Special thanks to TCEA for giving me a platform to share my insights and takeaways.

Microsoft Blog Entries (46)

  1. Fantastic Voyage: Minecraft Lesson Planning
  2. Five Steps to Game-based Learning
  3. Open Resources for Math and Science
  4. Minecraftian Strategies with Marzano
  5. Improved Teaching with Microsoft
  6. Forms Smackdown: Google vs Microsoft
  7. Ten Ways to Customize Microsoft Classroom 
  8. Using OneDrive to Backup Your iOS Camera 
  9. Engaging Learners with MS Forms 
  10. Five OneDrive Tips You Can’t Live Without 
  11. Designing Minecraft Spaces 
  12. Multimedia ELL Assessment 
  13. Minecraft: Education Edition Tutorial Videos 
  14. Visualizing Our Understanding with Graphic Organizers 
  15. Seven Keys to Blended Learning 
  16. Gamifying OneNote Learning 
  17. Podcasting with Microsoft Sway
  18. Shifting the Conversation: Basic Tech Skills 
  19. No More Death by Powerpoint 
  20. Transform Learning with Text to Speech
  21. Get Organized: Productivity Tips for OneNote 
  22. Creating Worlds of Tomorrow 
  23.  It’s Microsoft Morphing Time
  24. Moviemaker is Dead; Long Live Story Remix
  25. Windows 10 Tips & Tricks
  26. Enhancing Parental Access with OneNote Class Notebook
  27. Remix the 5E Model with PBL and Technology 
  28. Farewell, Hello Enhanced OneNote, Forms, etc.
  29. Microsoft Classroom Assignments 
  30. Virtual Space Construction Workers 
  31. Saving High School Seniors’ Work  
  32. Collaborative Projects in PBL
  33. Securing Data in Cloud Storage
  34. Tablet Trek: Tablets in the Classroom
  35. New Powerpoint Translator Makes Captioning Possible 
  36. Get Current on Tech Learning  
  37. Teaching Digital Media
  38. Checklists: Scaffolding Metacognitive Awareness 
  39. HyperNotes? Use Hyperdocs with OneNote
  40. Creative Commons: Make OER Simple 
  41. TCEA’s New Minecraft Certification Course (Level 1)
  42. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Moviemaker Lives 
  43. Creating Six-Word Memoirs 
  44. MS Office Goes Chrome, er, Android 
  45. Twitter Takeaways: OneNote Class Notebook — Scheduled for publication 12/12/17
  46. Our 2017 Microsoft Resource Roundup — Scheduled for publication 12/27/17

Google (26)

  1. New Chromebook Features
  2. Free G Suite Curriculum 
  3. Forms Smackdown: Google vs Microsoft
  4.  Beautify and Protect Your Virtual Home: Google Chrome
  5. Transform Learning with Text to Speech
  6. Phishing Attack: Evil Google Email
  7. Connect with Google Certified Administrators 
  8. Podcasting Resources
  9. Saving High School Seniors’ Work   
  10. Managing All Your Email
  11. New Google Sites ePortfolios 
  12.  Securing Data in Cloud Storage
  13. Tablet Trek: Tablets in the Classroom
  14. Get Current on Tech Learning 
  15. Research Tools for Young Learners  
  16. Teaching Digital Media 
  17. Empower Learners with Hyperdocs 
  18. Checklists: Scaffolding Metacognitive Awareness
  19. Hyperdrawings with Joli Boucher 
  20. Creative Commons: Make OER Simple 
  21. Math Tools for Chrome 
  22. Digital Whiteboard Solutions 
  23. Provide Custom Email Updates for Parent Communications 
  24. Three Tips for Google Suites Updates
  25. Twitter Takeaways: Five Google Tips 
  26. Animated GIFs: Education in Motion

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