AL DíA: The Value of an Education

In the Huffington Post piece, Has higher education lost the battle of public perception?, a question is asked that some already have answered. “No,” said a 10K student district superintendent, to my great disappointment, “our kids need to look at other opportunities aside from college.”

Part of what made America’s world leadership possible is that higher education provided a safety valve that prepared millions of Americans for the change from a manufacturing to a post-industrial global economy.

As America evolves, there is no single straight or even clear path toward the future. Some Americans have been left behind, economic disparity has grown, and a growing split between economic classes – represented by the chasm between the rhetoric and reality in the current national tax plans – are persistent issues. It may be that higher education has lost the battle over the language that describes what its colleges and universities do in this hyper-charged partisan environment.

Yes, higher education has lost the battle of public perception. Getting a college degree, including graduate degrees, may become harder and tougher for middle class families. This is true as the Republican tax code sets out to slay tuition waivers and scholarship options that affect my own children.

Of my family of three (Mom, Dad, and I), I am the first to earn a Master’s degree.
In my wife’s family, she was the first generation to earn a Master’s degree.
In my family (two kids, my wife and I), my children hope to earn a graduate degree, if not a doctorate, before entering the workforce.

Without scholarships, tuition waivers, not one of us would have made it. That is, “but for the grace of Government, we would be mucking it out with America’s forgotten.” No doubt, we’d have voted for Trump, fallen for his lies and those of the Republican administration.

Thank goodness, I went to college. I can usually see a lie coming.

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