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The following articles are a selection of articles for which I have electronic versions; most, if not all, have been published somewhere or other. Over the years, a few have been lost and are unavailable. Others, due to copyright restrictions, cannot appear in this collection. Please note that even though each article may have a copyright notice, that notice is a vestige of a time without Creative Commons Copyright.

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  1. Social Media Tools – Gathering the Loose Threads


  1. Writing the Ed-Tech List Article
  2. Engaging Learners Online (Part 2)>
  3. Download a la Mode! Redux
  4. Moodle Habitudes
  5. Reaching for the Heart: 5 Tips for School District Communications Directors
  6. 8 Tips to Successful Online Course Facilitation
  7. Engaging Learners Online(with Moodle)
  8. Practical Tips for Moodle Administrators
  9. Moodle-izing Your Education Enterprise
  10. Engage the Body: Wii Get Fit Together!
  11. Download a la Mode: Netbooks Go Viral
  12. 5 Lessons for Mobile Device Implementation
  13. Who We Are Together, Not Apart
  14. Creating Dynamic, Engaging Online Learning Experiences
  15. Exploring Professional Learning Networks: The Twitter Experience
  16. 5 Essential Technology Tools for Campus Administrators – Part 3
  17. 5 Essential Technology Tools for Campus Administrators – Part 2
  18. 5 Essential Technology Tools for Campus Administrators – Part 1
  19. Download a la Mode v15
  20. Embracing Citizen-Journalism in K-12 Leadership
  21. 5 Criteria for Visitor Management Systems
  22. Slide Thinkfinity into the Curriculum with Diigo Slides
  23. Diigo the Web for Education – From TeleGatherer to TelePlanter with Diigo
  24. Writing the Ed-Tech List Article
  25. How To Manage Your Staff’s Learning Opportunities
  26. Creativity – Isolated No Longer with Online Publishing
  27. 7 Answers to Frequently Asked Techie Questions
  28. Broadcast Learning: The Power of Networked Learning
  29. Web Site Nirvana – Content Management Systems
  30. Beyond Email: Managing Content in a Read/Write Web World
  31. Wiki While You Work
  32. Doing the Moodle Mambo
  33. Building Your Personal Learning Network

Pre-2008 Articles

  1. Crafting Digital Tales and More with Web-based Tools

TechTips Podcasts

View/Listen to TechTips Podcasts

Download a la Mode Series

  1. Download a la Mode v9 – Mac Apps Worth Buying (includes Favorite Firefox Add-ons and How to Get Video off the Web)
  2. Download a la Mode v8 – Best of Both Worlds
  3. Download a la Mode 7
  4. Download a la Mode 6 – Apps to Simplify Your Life
  5. Download a la Mode- Part 3
  6. Download a la Mode- Part 2a
  7. Download a la Mode- Part 2
  8. Download a la Mode- Part 1
  9. Download a la Mode
  10. Windows Privacy Tools – A Tutorial for Digital Privacy
  11. Download a la Mode – the original

Non-Proprietary Education

  1. 21st Century Barn-Raising: Free Software in K-16 Education

One to One Computing and Handheld Computers

  1. ISTE Point-Counterpoint – Bridging the Gap- One to One Laptop Loanership
  2. National Education Technology Plan Success Story: Palm Handheld Computers, Published in the National Education Technology Plan as a Success Story (Spring, 2005). Available online | Local Version
  3. 8 Tips for Administrators Using Handheld Computers
  4. 6 Wishes for Palm Handheld-Wielding Campus Administrators
  5. 5 Tools for Your Palm to Help You Maximize Student Success
  6. 4 Steps to TPRI Handheld Implementation – Keeping Success in Hand
  7. Not Published – Tapping into the TEKS- K-12 Palm Handheld Conference

How-To Articles

  1. Creating Video Lesson Plans
  2. Download a la Mode 6 – Apps to Simplify Your Life
  3. Creating the Walled Garden –
    1. List of Web 2.0 Apps for Use in K-12 Schools
    2. List of Apps – Non-Database version
  4. Free Communication Tools
  5. Windows Privacy Tools – A Tutorial for Digital Privacy
  6. 13 Ways to Publicize Your Podcasts
  7. Blog Peripherals- Borg Your Blog
  8. Brief Guide to Getting Started with Linux
  9. Blog Watch Quote
  10. Freedom Fight
  11. Getting a Handle on District Technology Assets
  12. Storing Bookmarks Online
  13. Sharing Images
  14. Storing Files Online
  15. Creating Online Tutorials
  16. Creating and Sharing a Calendar
  17. Automate Your Email Chores
  18. Free Graphic Editors
  19. Protecting Deleted Files
  20. Creating PDF Files, Free Storage Space and more
  21. Forklifts for Your Mind
  22. Download a la Mode- Part 3
  23. Download a la Mode- Part 2a
  24. Facilitating Equitable Access to Campus Technology Data
  25. Minimizing TCO- Making the Move to Linux
  26. Download a la Mode- Part 2
  27. Download a la Mode- Part 1
  28. Download a la Mode
  29. Open Source Educational Solutions
  30. Staying in Touch- How To Use Bulk Emailers
  31. Crossing the Digital Divide- Video use that engages, not supplements
  32. Communication and Assessment for Higher Education Professionals
  33. Streaming Video- Beyond Our Grasp?
  34. Simulated Publishing on the LAN
  35. Publishing Your Web Site to the World Wide Web
  36. Freeware Internet Survival Tools
  37. Hit It Every Time- Selecting Hit Counters for Your Web Pages

Transforming Practice

  1. Doing the Moodle Mambo
  2. On the Precipice of Change: 3 Obstacles
  3. Unleashing the Power of Digital Storytelling: Part1| Part 2 | Part 3
  4. A Worldwide Conversation- The Benefits and Dangers of Blogs as Personal Learning Networks
  5. Point – Counterpoint – Is Open Source the Answer?
  6. National Education Technology Plan Success Story- Technology Assessment Literacy Institute (TALI)
  7. 5 Actions to Big6-Enhanced Professional Development
  8. 5 Steps to Problem-based Learning Enhanced Professional Development
  9. A Good Window- 3 Ways to Wipe IT Clean
  10. Managing Your District’s Staff Development- Learning Management Systems
  11. Fishing for IT
  12. Through the Keyhole- Insights into Classroom Technology Integration Practices in K-12 Schools
  13. Wrongly Switched- Administrators Aren’t Train Conductors
  14. The Teacher is the Innovation
  15. The Balance of Power- Does it really matter?
  16. Curriculum Using Technology (CUT) Institute
  17. Earn as You Learn
  18. Guacamole and Technology-A Fulfilling Combination
  19. Surviving the Educational Technology Gauntlet
  20. The Texas TIFTECH Adventure.
  21. Dancing with Change- Should You Lead or Follow? Available: dance.html [9/30/98].
  22. Make Your Training Sizzle – Live Wires, Wet Blankets, and Technology
  23. The EETNET Institute- Building Technology Planning Endurance
  24. The Principal Questions
  25. Anyone There?

Available: delusionrebuffed.html [9/30/98].

  1. The Bridges of Technology Leadership
  2. The Bilingual Technologist.
  3. One Worksheet at a Time
  4. Technology Tempest
  5. Seven is Your Lucky Number
  6. Integrating Technology into the Curriculum
  7. Technology Tidal Wave
  8. Stage a Well-Designed Saturday Session and They will Come!
  9. The Internet without a Direct Connect
  10. The Writing-Technology Connection
  11. Integrating Technology into the Curriculum

Technology Use in the Classroom

  1. Modelling Inquiry Learning with Robotics
  2. 5 Steps to Fostering Technology Applications- TEKS in Grades 6-8
  3. Make the Connections – TAKS, Technology and Problem-based Learning
  4. Facilitating Language and Technology Acquisition- New Patterns of Discourse in the Bilingual and ESL Classroom
  5. 5 Actions to Big6 Problem-based Lessons Using Graphic Organizers
  6. Graphically Organizing the Big6
  7. Electronic Portfolios
  8. The Quest for Project-based Learning with Internet WebQuests
  9. Spending that Internet Gold- Beyond Evaluating Internet-based Curriculum Resources

Off the Planet

  1. The Role of Educational Leaders in Implementing Web 2.0
  2. Copyright WebQuest
  3. Learning 2.0
  4. The Emperor’s New Clothes: 4 Steps to Successful ILS Implementation
  5. Big6 Process

Finally, note that Technology and Learning publishes several of the articles appearing above on their web site.

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